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Emotional toolkit  

Distress is always uniquely personal, so unfortunately there is no single therapeutic remedy. That said, we are all biologically more alike than different, and so thankfully there are a few accessible skills that, patiently practised, can alleviate many symptoms. Enabling you to move more freely through life's ups and downs.

Ultimately, talking about our feelings is helpful, but sometimes it may feel too challenging or even impossible. If you've ever felt this way, my toolkit may help. Drawing on experience, I've curated the insights and techniques that have proven most effective in helping my clients cope with many anxious, frustrating, and overwhelming symptoms when unable to engage

professional support.

You can download the toolkit for free as a pdf by clicking the image below. If you find it helpful and feel inclined, you are able to make a voluntary contribution using the "donate' button below. All donations are used to support my time spent providing zero-cost support and resources to those without the financial resources to otherwise access them.

Spoiler alert: Our minds can be very stubborn, and while grieving and updating old patterns of behaviour always takes self-compassion, patience and persistence - some complex symptoms may require the kind of in-person professional support that a toolkit cannot replicate. As such, the final page provides other options and contact information for free to access and low cost professional support.

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