The causes of and remedies for psychological distress are unique to each individual. There are however, a set of insights and techniques that support my work and enable clients to better understand themselves and alleviate many symptoms.

For those unsure about therapy but wanting to learn more - I've distilled them into an accessible toolkit containing 3 sections that takes around 30 minutes to digest.

1. Understanding Your (mental and emotional) Self

2. Understanding Psychological health and distress

3. Tools to regain or maintain psychological health 

You can read the first section by clicking the image below 

A high resolution e-book of the whole toolkit is available for £25. You can order one by using the payment button below and providing an email address. ​

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1. While my clinical experience includes supporting clients with significant and complex psychological symptoms - this toolkit is designed to treat symptoms of stress, anxiety and low mood. The content can help more complex issues, however my experience is that extreme symptoms and diagnosed disorders require 3-6 months of weekly one to one therapy to provide enough stability for other therapeutic interventions to be safely explored. 

2. The illustrations insights and tools provided are drawn from 4300 hours of clinical experience (@ March 2020) across 165 clients from 15-60 yrs of age, 6 years studying psychological health and illness and 25 years of operational business experience in communications.

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