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Counselling Therapy

If you're feeling overwhelmed by life's challenges, struggling with losses or with your relationships - I may be able to help. 

The Struggle

We're designed to suppress big emotions during difficult moments. While this natural coping mechanism can be helpful, it causes us internal conflict if we learn to default to it. As it leaves unresolved feelings to linger, burning up energy and in time, stifling our potential, and our relationships.


A Solution

The remedy lies in a safe space to explore and express these difficult emotions, which helps lessen their intensity, builds self-belief, and supports positive change. Counseling therapy sessions offer that opportunity.

Fees (per 50 minute session)

£70 weekly£80 fortnightly/monthly.

You can attend weekly or fortnightly sessions at my practice in Haywards Heath or opt for online sessions. Each situation is unique, so we would discuss scope / goals at the first session and review as appropriate. You can see testimonials here, or contact me to arrange an initial appointment at

If you're feeling overwhelmed, or unsure about support, the breathing skill here or toolkit here, may be of help.

​​​​​I'm a registered member of the bacp (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) and adhere to their code of ethical conduct.

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