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Research consistently confirms that the key to successful therapy is the quality of the relationship between the client and their therapist. Therefore, it's often best to try a few professionals to find one with whom you feel securely supported. From that foundation, my clinical experience has shown that change is absolutely possible.

I went to counselling because I felt very disconnected to some of my emotions. Nathan helped me find avenues into accessing, processing, feeling, and understanding them. I have now moved away to university (living away from home for the first time) and I feel our sessions gave me a good foundation for what my life is now.

Art - 2023

'Thank you for your patience and process. Introducing me to visualisation and metaphor felt like a superpower to get in touch with and process deep emotion. I'm so grateful for this because I still use it today to comfort and soothe my emotions'

Daniel - 2022

'I wanted to say thank you, I feel so much better in myself. I’ve suffered and felt foggy in my own head for too long and in such a short space of time you've helped me see through the clouds. My anxiety is almost completely gone so thank you again'

Becki - 2021


'I saw Nathan over a few sessions covering a difficult period in my life. He was friendly and personable which made me feel at ease. I never felt rushed and he listened to what I had to say. He questioned some of my answers which helped me understand some of my troubles and more importantly how to cope with some of them. He has helped me gain confidence. I would recommend him to anyone I know'.

Gary - 2020

'I would highly recommend Nathan. An all round brilliant service that I dreaded on a weekly basis - quickly grew to look forward to and was reluctant to stop' 

Nyree - 2019

'My time with Nathan was very beneficial, it helped me understand myself better, to clarify and deal with the difficulties I'd been going through. I'd never done therapy before and he made me feel at ease, so I could trust the process and express myself without fear. I'm really thankful, the work culminated in tremendously reducing my anxiety. The sense of clarity I now feel is liberating'

Collette - 2018

'My sessions with Nathan were of great benefit to my confidence and well-being. I’d hit an emotional brick wall with anxiety and depression for some time and space to discuss my difficulties unfiltered was an enormous help. By the end I felt I had achieved a sense of purpose and direction. There is much to profit from talking through life’s issues with someone as patient, receptive and interested as I found Nathan'

Gavin - 2017


"I wish I had come for counselling sooner. Talking through things that I've been struggling with alone for years has been incredibly helpful. Nathans skill patience and empathy gave me the safety and support I needed to really understand how I was feeling, which in turn helped me to understand how I had been acting and, crucially, how I could move forward." 

Natalie - 2016

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