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Soul Surgery
Guided breathwork in Haywards Heath.

The Challenge

Some life experiences are so emotionally painful and/or isolating and scary, that we're forced to leave our bodies (disconnect from them) in order to survive. In my experience, due to their depth, the resulting wounds can't be accessed unstuck and therefore healed with traditional cognitive methods. Some kind of somatic (body) work is required to do so.

A Remedy

My favoured somatic approach in these circumstances is therapeutic breathwork, due to its accessibility and the profound benefit I've experienced from it, both personally and throughout my work with clients. My Soul Surgery works as follows;

- Introductory sessions (60 minutes): containing an intro, a 10-15 minute guided breathwork section, concluded with 30 minutes of dialogue and integration work.

- Ongoing sessions (80 minutes): containing a 20-45 minute guided breathwork section, followed by appropriate dialogue and integration work.

The goal of Soul Surgery sessions is to empower you to feel safe enough in your body to utilise breathwork yourself, without support. Everyone is different and this tends to take anywhere between two and five sessions. 


Introductory sessions are £85.

Ongoing sessions are £125.

If the above is of interest, please contact me at so we can arrange a preliminary call to discuss your circumstances and goals from the work.

​​​​​I am a registered member of the bacp (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) and adhere to their code of ethical conduct.

Registered with the bacp.
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