The following ground rules are the basis for our work together. I'm happy to discuss any changes at any time.  

- I'm a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (N Burt no 00913417) and work within their professional code of ethics including continuing monthly supervision of my practice. For more details please visit

- Sessions last are 55-60 minutes. Please arrive at the agreed time. In the event you are late I will wait and honour the whole session but the session cannot be extended.

- Payment can be via transfer to N Burt - 404760 - 52674599 in cash, or with a debit card after each session. 

- If you are unable to give me 48 hrs notice of cancellation, payment will still be due for the agreed session unless there has been an emergency.

- I work in a creative and integrated way. For more info please click here.

- The content of our sessions is completely confidential to us. I will only ever break confidentiality if I feel you may do harm to yourself or someone else. In which case I am legally bound (by the BACP) to contact your GP. This is the reason I take your GP's details.

- Our relationship will be client/therapist and contained within my practice. If I see you in public I will not acknowledge you first in order to maintain your privacy.

- You may at times find the process frustrating, confusing and difficult or that I am not the right therapist for you. I would encourage you to discuss these concerns in the sessions.

- I will keep brief notes on our work privately but your full name and details will not be included.

- I will only ever cancel an appointment due to illness or emergency. I will always give as much notice as possible.

- If we lose contact, I will try to contact you once by email and text. If I do not hear back I'll assume you have ended our contract.


Client Agreement 
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