Expert support to relieve emotional distress & improve mental health


Hello, I'm Nathan Burt. I specialise in helping people to process and make sense of complex emotional symptoms. To improve their mental health and strengthen their relationships.

Life's difficult and we're hard-wired to feel - so getting anxious or down sometimes isn’t a malfunction - it's natural. And while some emotions can be confusing or scary - finding ways to express them is vital. If not they distort us, and breed behaviours that make life harder than it already is.​​

​The Unsaid Space is my therapeutic practice - providing experienced support to relieve symptoms and grow your psychological awareness and resilience. To see how, please scroll further or use the enquiry tab to get in touch.

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or confused, the breathing technique here, or the writing exercise here, may be of help.




A safe space to express your fears and learn techniques to manage emotional overwhelm.

Counselling Therapy

Regular support to process stress

anxiety depression relationship difficulties, loss or trauma.



An educational toolkit to improve psychological health - including clinical insights and techniques that support my work and can help to unpick and alleviate many symptoms.



Tuesday Talk Club

A group session for people to help proactively support and manage their mental heath.

The Unsaid Space @Work

Counselling clinics, educational workshops and consultancy for businesses.

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