Support & tools 

 to know yourself. 



Hello, I’m Nathan - I work with people to restore and improve their mental and emotional health. ​

You can contact me at

​If you're feeling anxious or low, the breathing technique here and/or writing process here may be of help.

Counselling Therapy

Weekly support to process anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, trauma and loss.



Monthly support to grow

psychological flexibility and personal effectiveness.


Workshops & Q&A sessions providing practical insights and tools to spot, relieve and prevent distress.

The Unsaid Space@Work

Emotional ABC, 1-1 clinics and

consultancy to nurture employee wellbeing at work.

I feel so much better in myself. I’ve suffered and felt foggy in my own head for too long and in such a short space of time you've helped me see through the clouds. My anxiety is almost completely gone so thank you.'

Becki - 2021