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Support and tools to help you feel.


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Hello, I’m Nathan - I work with people to improve their mental and emotional health.


You can contact me at - If you're feeling overwhelmed, or unsure about support, the breathing skill here or toolkit here, may be of help.

Counselling Therapy

Weekly support to process anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, trauma and loss.



Monthly support to grow

psychological flexibility and personal effectiveness.

The Unsaid Space@Work

Emotional ABC workshops, 1-1 clinics and consultancy, to support emotional wellbeing @ work.

A free to attend confidential talking and listening group for men, aged 18 and above.


Mens Group

'Thank you for your patience and process. Introducing me to visualisation and metaphor felt like a superpower to get in touch with and process deep emotion. I'm so grateful for this because I still use it today to comfort and soothe my emotions, and to help other people.

Daniel - 2022

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