Expert support to improve mental &

emotional health


Life's difficult and we’re hard-wired to feel, so getting anxious, frustrated, or down, isn’t a malfunction. It's normal to struggle sometimes. The problem is avoiding your negative emotions. Why? Because left alone they make us think or act in unhealthy ways that make life harder than it already is.​

Emotions and feelings are important internal signals, designed to guide you through life's challenges. Ignoring them is like trying to use the internet without wifi. Understanding them involves pausing to express them properly and using professional support is a trusted way to do so. 

To calm your uncertainty and reduce anxiety. To repair pain and lift your depression. To strengthen and better know your 'self'.

The Unsaid Space is a confidential place away from the pre-loaded views of family friends or colleagues offering expertise and support from myself Nathan Burt. A bacp qualified professional using a creative and integrative approach to improve mental and emotional health for individuals and businesses.


Counselling Therapy

Individual support for stress, anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, loss or trauma.

Reflective Coaching

Individual support to recharge career engagement and personal performance.


Counselling clinics, educational workshops and consultancy for businesses. For performance through employee wellbeing.

Talk Club

A talking (and listening) group for men; to proactively support, educate and manage psychological heath.



To discuss your situation, any questions you may have or to book an initial consultation, please get in touch via the links below.

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