Expert support to know yourself. Better.


Hello, I'm Nathan Burt - I specialise in helping people make sense of difficult emotions. To strengthen their minds and their relationships.

Life's tough and we're emotionally hard-wired - so feeling bad sometimes is natural. Allowing space to express these confusing or fearful emotions is vital though - as left alone they breed behaviours that hold us back - or down - or both.


​The Unsaid Space is my confidential therapy practice - a place to pause and grow your psychological awareness and resilience. Please scroll on to see more about how I work, or use this enquiry link to get in touch.


If you’re feeling anxious or low and are unsure about therapy, the breathing exercise here or writing exercise here are proven to help.


Counselling Therapy

Regular 1-1 support to process anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties or loss.



Specific support to process the

emotional effects of Covid-19.

FREE to NHS workers.


Emotional ABC



Interactive workshops for families, groups and businesses. Providing accessible insights and tools to help understand, relieve, and prevent many distressing symptoms.

The Unsaid Space @Work

Counselling clinics, educational workshops and consultancy for businesses.

Tuesday Talk Club

A group session to help proactively support and manage your mental heath.

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