Support and tools

to know yourself.


Hello, I’m Nathan - I have broad experience helping people to understand and deal with difficult thoughts and feelings.

The Unsaid Space is my therapy practice and this site provides details about me and the services I offer. You can make an enquiry or ask any questions you may have here.


Avoiding your emotions makes life harder than it already is. Pausing to explore them safely, relieves pressure and creates room for change.


Counselling Therapy

Regular 1-1 support to process anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties or loss.



Focussed support to address a specific issue and learn tools to navigate emotional difficulty.


Workshops & Webinars

Group sessions providing insights and tools to help understand relieve and prevent most symptoms.

The Unsaid Space@Work

Clinics workshops and consultancy to support employee wellbeing, and improve effectiveness.

'I saw Nathan looking to improve my relationships - I wasn't

suffering from depression or anxiety but I felt that something in my life was missing. Having a 'safe space' to explore has led me to become more introspective and, consequently, more accepting of myself and others'

Matt - 2020