Expert support to improve mental &

emotional health


Humans are hard-wired to feel things. This makes navigating life difficult due to its unpredictable and unfair nature. It also means that experiencing anxiety sadness or other negative emotions is to be expected sometimes. The trouble is that avoiding them by keeping them to ourselves causes problems. Left Unsaid they find a way out by creating unhealthy thoughts and actions which make life harder than it already is.

Our emotional feelings are effectively signals to us. Signals that need to be expressed to be understood and keep us moving forward healthily. Exploring them with professional support is a proven way to do so. To unpick confusion, repair pain, and to make sense of the relationship that you have with yourself, others and the world around you.

The Unsaid Space is a trusted and confidential place to enable this, away from the pre-loaded views of family friends or colleagues. With impartial support from myself Nathan Burt, a bacp registered professional using a creative and integrative approach to improve your mental and emotional health.

It's a space to reflect on where you're at, and process where you've been. To get clear on what to keep, what to let go of, and the best way forward for you.


Counselling Therapy

Individual support for stress, anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, loss or trauma.

Reflective Coaching

Individual support to recharge personal performance and career engagement.


Counselling clinics, educational workshops and consultancy. For business performance through employee wellbeing.

Monday Talk Club

A talking (and listening) group

for men, to help support, educate and manage their mental heath proactively. 



To discuss your situation, any questions you may have or to book an initial consultation, please get in touch via the links below.

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