Support & expertise to improve mental & emotional health


The Unsaid Space is a trusted place to pause - express yourself - and make sense of what you think and feel. To calm anxiety - repair pain - or lift depression. Above all - to strengthen and know your self.  Better.​

Supported by myself - an experienced professional using an integrative approach to help you improve your psychological health.

Life is difficult and we're hard-wired to feel - so getting anxious or down sometimes isn’t a malfunction - it’s normal and natural. And while our emotional feelings can be confusing or scary at times - they are in reality vital signals designed to guide us - so avoiding them isn't helpful. In the long run it just makes life harder than it already is. 

My clinical experience shows that understanding how our emotions work and finding healthy ways to connect with, and express them, is the key to staying mentally fit and well. To see the support and resources I offer please scroll down. Or to make an enquiry you can email me at​

If you find yourself feeling anxious or panicky the breathing exercise here may help.


Counselling Therapy

Weekly support to process stress, anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, loss or trauma.


A 90 minute single session to address a specific issue and

learn tools to better understand and manage your 'self'.


Counselling clinics, educational workshops and consultancy for businesses. For performance through employee wellbeing.

Tuesday Talk Club

A talking (and listening) group for men; to proactively support, educate and manage psychological heath.

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