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Business performance through employee wellbeing

The Challenge

Our 'always on' lives and the scope to connect to the entire world has overwhelmed our physical and emotional biology. Consumerism distorts our ability to justify time/budget for self-care, and despite growing awareness of mental health the fear of judgement continues to stifle expression overall. The attempt to process this complexity has seen human distress levels rise and negatively affect engagement, performance and health as a consequence.

The Remedy

A two part initiative to re-balance the above by providing impartial mental and emotional education plus direct 1-2-1 support for employees.

A: Therapeutic Clinics (10.30am-6.30pm)

On-site access to confidential, impartial 1:1 support from a professional with clinical therapeutic expertise and over two decades of operational business experience. A space to take stock and talk through the stuff people don't get to in day to day life. Great whether you are out of shape mentally and want to get fitter, or if you feel you’re doing well but want to continue to grow.

B: Group Workshops (120 mins)

Experiential sessions for up to 20 people. To enhance awareness around mental and emotional health by taking a historical and contemporary look at the subject from a physical, psychological and social perspective. Including practical techniques to prevent and engage with symptoms as well as proactive ones to encourage growth.

C: The Benefits 

Greater awareness and compassion across an organisation. Boosts talent retention while enhancing individual and cultural resilience and performance.

Format and Fees: From £700 per day dependent on scope and location and includes all direct administration of the Therapeutic Clinics to enable complete impartiality. Example format to include a fortnightly Therapeutic Clinic incorporating a recurring monthly Workshop. 

​​​​​I am a registered member of the bacp (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) and adhere their code of ethical conduct.

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You can find out more about my professional background, training and experience here and see some testimonials here. Or to discuss further please get in touch via the links below.

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