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Business performance through employee wellbeing

The Challenge

21st Century life is overwhelming people's psychology as distractions from natural self-care continue to grow. While awareness is improving, the fear and stigma of judgement at work also remains high which stifle's healthy expression. Navigating the above conflicts has seen distress levels rise and negatively affect health and engagement both at home, and in the workplace.

The Remedy

A two part initiative to improve psychological health by providing professional impartial on-site support plus mental and emotional education.

A: Therapeutic Clinics (10.30-6.30)

On-site access to 1:1 support utilising my clinical experience and operational expertise. A space to take stock and talk through the stuff people don't get to do in day to day life. Great if you are out of shape mentally and want to get fitter, or if you feel you’re doing well but want to continue to grow and to learn.

B: Group Workshops (90 mins)

Experiential sessions for up to 16, providing accessible insights and tools informed by my training and clinical experience. Initially covering the basis of mental and emotional psychology, biology, health and distress. Then focusing on tools to avoid, manage or overcome the most common symptoms.

C: The Benefits 

Greater awareness and compassion across an organisation. Boosts talent retention while enhancing individual and cultural resilience.

Format and Fees: Negotiable dependent on contract scope (minimum 6 months) and location. Includes all direct administration of the Clinics to enable complete impartiality. Example 6 month contract of 12 days on-site: Fortnightly Therapeutic Clinic and recurring monthly Workshop = £9k

​​​​​I am a registered member of the bacp (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) and adhere their code of ethical conduct.

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