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Tuesday Talk Club

Tuesday Talk Club is a talking (and listening) group. It exists to provide a space for people to get into the practice of learning about and talking more openly about emotions and feelings. A kind of mental health insurance policy, protecting them from the pitfalls of life by proactively preventing them from getting mentally overwhelmed.

While the group is moderated by myself, it isn't a formal therapy group and isn't here to treat existing mental illnesses - for more specific support please see Counselling Therapy or Super Sessions.

It is instead an informal and supportive place for people to talk, listen and learn together about mental and emotional health.

How does it work?

- The group meets on Tuesdays in Haywards Heath at 8.30pm.

- Each session is 90 minutes and begins with brief intro explaining why being open about how we feel is so important to our mental health.  

- A ball is then offered up, which allows anyone holding it a chance to speak and ensures everyone else is listening.

- There is no obligation to hold the ball and speak.  

- Anyone speaking starts by stating how they are feeling out of 10. 1 = very low, 10 = amazing. They then discuss their score. What's worrying them. What they are happy about. What they are doing to support their mental health.

- This continues person by person in no order and without obligation.

- Each session finishes with a chance to review each others scores and share what may have helped.  

How to join: The group is open to all aged 16 and over and is funded through voluntary donations at each session. To join the group please email me at I aim to reply to all requests within 48hrs.


​​​​​I'm a registered member of the bacp (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) and adhere their code of ethical conduct.

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You can see the other services I offer here or make an enquiry here. 

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