How I work

My approach goes beyond the traditional model of ‘talking through problems’. It's tailored for each client and as well as using open discussion can include focusing visualisation and breathing techniques and/or therapeutic writing and drawing. The core focus being to help you make sense of and process what you feel and think.

It's underpinned by two principles.

1. Creating a trusted therapeutic space between myself and each client.

2. To help clients express and process physical feelings, using their minds.

I trained in Humanistic Psychodynamic and Existential approaches and use what feels appropriate depending on the individual needs of each client. Educational insights are suggested when needed along with practical tips and tactics to help you function better in day to day life.


My clinical experience has shown that this creative and flexible approach increases the success rate of overcoming the unique and varied nature of psychological difficulty. In short, people are different and one approach simply doesn't work for all situations.

I provide a safe and trusted space and know that exploring emotions can be tough to begin with, especially if we learn't to avoid what we felt from an early age. If the idea of doing so feels too much then the therapeutic writing exercise found here may help as a bridge toward booking an initial session.

If you would like to discuss any questions about the process or benefits or if you would like to arrange an initial consultation, please connect via the contact options here or the icons below.

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