How I work

My approach goes beyond the traditional model of ‘talking through problems’ by combining techniques to grow your personal awareness and strengthen your resilience. It works by encouraging expression in many forms and is tailored for each client. As well as using open discussion it can include body focusing, visualisation, breathing techniques and therapeutic writing or drawing. 

It's underpinned by two principles.

1. Establishing a trusted professional therapeutic relationship with each client.

2. Encouraging expression and integration of emotional feelings.

I trained in Humanistic, Psychodynamic, and Existential approaches and use what feels appropriate to the individual needs of each client. Educational insights are provided if required as well as practical tips and tactics to help you function better in day to day life.


My clinical experience is that flexibility increases the success of overcoming the varied nature of psychological difficulty. In short - people are different and one approach doesn't work for all circumstances.

I provide a safe trusted space and understand that exploring emotions can be tough to begin, especially as so often we are taught to suppress our feelings from an early age. If the idea of doing so is too much then the therapeutic writing exercise found here may help as a bridge towards opening up more.

You can see the other support and resources I offer here or make an enquiry here. 

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