Gift some Unsaid Space

Mental or emotional stress can affect anyone at anytime and often starts due to no more than an unjust set of circumstances. So if you find yourself in a good place feeling strong and on top of things - you could consider reaching out to someone that you notice is in need of support. Listening supportively and without judgement can be a powerful force for good.

If doing so isn't possible but you would like to do more, you could gift someone that you know is struggling some Unsaid Space Counselling hours (via the secure paypal button below).

A way to pay your good fortune forward in an act of kindness to nudge them past the debilitating inertia that prevents many from engaging help when overwhelmed by the confusion, complexity, or trauma of modern life.

£60 buys an initial session to meet, explore the process and decide if they would like to work with me. 

Please use the button below for payment and let me know contact details and any additional info you feel may be appropriate so I can get in touch.

It may end up being the wisest investment, paying the biggest dividend, you ever give them.